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Enjoying your vacation, but still want to use the internet? That is possible! You can get a personal Wifi code at the reception. In 2017, the costs for Wifi are € 0,50 per hour. No laptop our computer, but still want to surf the internet. No problem, there is a computer for general use at the reception.

At Brasserie Duinhoeve and at the reception, there is free wifi available.

Wi-Fi at Recreational Park Duinhoeve

  • The wireless internet at Recreatiepark Duinhoeve is suitable to access the Internet, for example to check your e-mail and chat. It is not suitable for downloading large files, there is a protection built in to prevent this.
  • You can purchase a Wifi ticket at the reception for a certain number of hours. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to print a Wifi ticket, for example, for a day/week
  • If you buy a ticket for one hour you have (after the first time you login) 24 hours to use it. If you buy a ticket for 3 hours, then you have (after the first time you login) 3 days to use it etc.
  • Do not forget to log out. The number of hours/minutes what is left will be remembered. You can log back in at a later time, if the coupon is still valid.
  • You can log in with a Wifi code on one device at a time. If you are logged out, you can log in again with another device with the same code
  • At the Brasserie there is free Wifi available if you eat and/or drink something.

Free Wi-Fi settings

Go to your device's network settings and select the Duinhoeve network.

You will see a log in screen asking for a username and password.

Username = gast
Password = gast.

You will see a confirmation on the screen saying you are logged in.
The free Wi-Fi network has a speed of 6 Mbs/sec Down/Up.

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