Recreatiepark Duinhoeve


On park

The animation team will be present at the following times in 2023:

May vacations: April 29 to May 6

Ascension: May 18 to May 20

Pentecost: May 27 and 28

Summer vacations: from July 15 to August 24

In the summer vacations, Friday is the standard day off for the animation team.

The animations are mainly intended for children from 4 to 12 years old. 

In the morning, our little train runs and we do crafts. In the evening, our little train runs again and we have a mini-disco or a live theater and an evening activity. Magnix also regularly walks around the park to give all the kids a high five and a hug.



Hello everyone, I am MaGniX, a sweet, cuddly, somewhat shy and also yet naughty, but certainly not conceited, rather cheerful, curious, stubborn and sometimes very exuberant woodland creature.

MaGniX loves music and dancing very much. For young and old it is great fun when MaGniX is present. MaGniX is very good friends with the animals in the forest. Hence, MaGniX is also very careful about nature. Therefore, MaGniX does not want any mess to be made or left behind before, during or after activities. When the animation team is present, Magnix also regularly walks around the park!

MaGnix is currently preparing new flashy activities, fun games and exciting crafts for 2023. Keep an eye on our website and App for the entertainment program!


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