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's-Hertogenbosch, which we call Den Bosch these days, is a wonderful city full of historic buildings, wonderful museums, great shops and welcoming cafés and restaurants.

Go for a stroll and discover the medieval architecture, take a boat tour of the centuries-old canal system, or go for a bicycle ride along the fortresses. Den Bosch has many beautiful attractions on offer. Even more importantly, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Jazz cafés, little restaurants, trendy bars – Den Bosch natives definitely know how to enjoy the good life. Den Bosch was elected the most hospitable city in Holland (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013) for a reason.

The Sint Janskathedraal or St. Jan’s Cathedral is without a doubt one of the most impressive buildings in Den Bosch. But there is much more to see. Think about "de Draak", the Jheronimus Bosch Artcenter, stroll through the city, or make a boottour on the Dommel and the unique underground canal system "Binnendieze".

From the ramparts of 's-Hertogenbosch, you also have a nice view of the Bossche Broek. The Bossche Broek consists of marshy grasslands, meadows, reed beds and plenty of trails where you can walk and cycle. A great contast with the bustle of the city!

The shops are opened daily, but not all of the shops are open on sunday. On Thursday the shops are open until 9 PM. Every Saturday there is a market in 's-Hertogenbosch. Small markets are on wednesday and Friday.

The city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch is only a 30 minute drive from our camping.


Tilburg is a diverse city in the south of the Netherlands. A city that is mostly known for its ancient textile industry, but also to the large number of students that can be found in the city. In recent years, Tilburg really grown and modernized, and there are many nice places within the city.

In Tilburg there's a nice balance created between beautiful historic buildings and modern squares. Tilburg also has many parks which are worth a visit. From the atmospheric "Muzetuin" to the historic Wilhelminapark and spacious Leijpark. Or spend a day at the museum. In Tilburg you will find Museum De Pont, Natuurmuseum Brabant and Vincent's Tekenlokaal (Vincents Art Room). Plenty of things to do for anyone who is ready to go out.

The shops are opened daily, but not all of the shops are open on Sunday. On Thursday the shops are open until 9 PM. On Wednesday till Sunday there are several markets in Tilburg.

Tilburg is only a 20 minute drive form our camping.


Heusden is a restored fortress town in the Dutch municipality of Heusden, located on the Bergsche Maas. Atop the ramparts of the fortified town of Heusden you have a beautiful view over the Brabant and Gelderland landscape, Bergsche Maas and the restored city.

Walking through the picturesque streets and narrow alleys you will discover many ancient, well-preserved buildings and facades with beautiful bricks. This is why the fortress has an attractive character.

Despite the many monumental buildings which Heusden counts (134 properties in total), the fortress town didn't became an open-air museum, but a city where is still being lived, worked and recreated in. Definitely worth a visit!

The shops are open daily, including Sundays. Late night shopping every Friday, the stores are open until 8 PM Every Thursday there is a market in Heusden

The center of Heusden is located about 25 km from our Holidaypark.